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Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice

I am currently writing two more books: HOW TO books, which I hope will help those folks representing themselves in court.  To cover publishing costs, as well as related costs, I am now seeking donations via PAYPAL.


Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice, my book, is now available on Amazon.com for $9.99 in Kindle format as an e-book.  Take it with you on vacation.  Buy it for a friend suffering in the courts.  The direct link to the book and Kindle is


Preface: Birds of a Feather Don’t Stick Together! i
Introduction: A Law Case: A Game of Chess v
1. Marriage and Divorce: “She got the ring, he got the finger.” 1
2. Child Custody: For the Love of a Child 19
3. Guardians ad litem: Arsenic in a Report 39
4. Child Support: With Pleasure or Punishment 57
5. His, Hers, and Theirs!  No, not Children, Property!  What's Mine is Mine and What's
    Yours is Mine  (and Financial Statements)  75
6. Relocation and Child Removal Cases: Genii, genii, come out of your bottle and make my wish
    come true! 83
7. Restraining Orders: Gang-banged in court or in jail. It’s the law. 95
8. Contempts: A Woman’s Heaven and a Man’s Hell  113
9. Rape and Date Rape: When is rape not rape?  127
10. Child Protection Agency Cases: Wars Against Governmental Kidnapping 141
11. Fraud, Fraud on the Court and Complicity by the Court: From Riches to Rags 151
12. Immigration Fraud: The new internal terrorism: marital immigration, artificial insemination
     for anchor babies and ultimately child support 163
13. Employment Discrimination: Dirty! 173
14. Estates and Trusts: Judges make paper hay 185
15. Criminal Cases, Including Parental Kidnapping and Paternity Fraud: Does the number
     of imprisoned guilty convicts exceed the number of imprisoned innocent convicts or
     vice versa? 195
16. Relief from Wrongdoing in Other Actions, Malicious Prosecution, Pro se-ers Suing the
    World: Opportunity or No Opportunity to Succeed? 205
17. Federal Abstention Doctrines and the Domestic Relations Exception” to the
     Rooker-Feldman Doctrine: A heavily legal chapter only for the highly motivated reader 217
18. Immunity and the Pseudo Eleventh Amendment: Formulas for the Courts’ A-bombs 245
19. Quasi-judicial, Prosecutorial, and Qualified Immunities: Protecting Judges’ Parasites,
     the Other Enemies of the People 263
20. Legal Malpractice: Foxes Guarding the Chicken Coops 281
21. Court Reporters: Beware of Transcription Companies 297
22. Appellate cases: Fellow Brethren, My Golfmates, “Please save my face. Thanks!”  313
23. Intimidation and Insolence of Judges: Voodoo Club of Judges and Zombies 321
24. The Bar v Barb and Barb v. The Bar et al 343
25.  Court Reform 353

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