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          #10,  The Revolutionary Series

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The Scarf of
Madame LeFarge

District Court
Judge Severlin B.
    Singleton 111
Judge Paul L. McGill
Judge Austin Philbin
Judge Brian Merrick
Judge Jonathan Brant
Judge Martha A.
    Scannell Brennan
Judge Dyanne Klein
Probate and
Family Court

Judge Judith Dilday
Judge Mary McAuley
Judge Anna Doherty
Judge Marie Lyons
Judge David G Sacks
Judge Sean Dunphy
Judge Prudence M.
Judge A. Geoffrion
    (now retired)
Judge Nancy Mary
    Gould (retiring)
Judge Edward Donnellly
Judge Peter DiGangi
Judge Lisa A. Roberts
Judge Michael Livingson
    (under investigation) 
Judge Smoot

Superior Court
Judge Judith Fabricant
Judge Wendie I.
Judge Alan vanGestel
    (now retired)
Judge Daniel A. Ford
Judge Robert Bohn
    (now decesed)
Judge Muse   
Appeals Court
Judge George Jacobs

Supreme Judicial
Judge Margaret Marshall
Judge Francis X. Spina
Judge Roderick Ireland


Retired Judges
Arline Rotman
Cortland Mathers
Elizabeth J. Dolan
Ronald D. Harper
Ernest S. Hayeck
Conrad J. Bletzer
John Irwin            

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Censorship by the BBO and
Retaliation by the Appeals Court

  came as the BBO's Christmas present this year. The sender was Chair of the Board M. Ellen Carpenter, friend and former partner of Mass. SJC Justice Martha Sosman, and current partner of Christine Roach of the State Ethics Commission.****
(Laughable, isn't it, folks?)

And on New Year's Eve came the news that former Vice Chair of the BBO and now Appeals Court Judge Cynthia Cohen has joined the fray.

Barb speculates that Cohen learned that she is suing the Bar and her friends Ellen (the Chair) and Danny (the Bar Counsel) for $15 million.

To retaliate against me, Cynthia Cohen* (with Judge Mel Greenberg but not Judge Kass**) sanctioned a little old lady client*** of mine $29,000. The jury verdict was in her favor, but the courts have whittled it away.

I had already embarrassed her former firm in two courts.

** Interesting.  Judge Kass, who had been on the original appellate panel backed off the negative Rule 27 decision.  Cohen should have recused herself. See the Rule 27 letter to Justices Cohen Greenberg, and Kass at Drano Series #88: drano88-abend-rule-27-letter-to-appeals-court.htm

*** Where Did Justice Go? (Case #2, An Estate Owed Elderly Caregiver Payment for Services ) The decision in this old case is so badly reasoned that  I cannot help think it is a great example of how far the court will go to retaliate because I'm fighting JUDICIAL IMMUNITY.

****M. Ellen Carpenter passed suddenly in December 2006 in Vermont with her family celebrating a sibling's birthday.   Her friend and colleague, SJC Justice Martha Sosman passed a few months later,  in March 2007, having lost her fight against cancer.  Their friend, former partner, and colleague, Christine Roach, has since been nominated and appointed to a judgeship, likely the judgeship Carpenter had hoped to get.

Over half of the Board of Bar Overseers' exhibits against me were the files from this website.

Bringing the disciplinary action was an attempt to stop my criticism of the judiciary.
As the Assistant Bar Counsel said, "The genie is out of the bag."

Clearly they wanted to circumvent the
First Amendment

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