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          #4,  The Revolutionary Series

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The Scarf of
Madame LeFarge

District Court
Judge Severlin B.
    Singleton 111
Judge Paul L. McGill
Judge Austin Philbin
Judge Brian Merrick
Judge Jonathan Brant
Judge Martha A.
    Scannell Brennan
Judge Dyanne Klein
Probate and
Family Court

Judge Judith Dilday
Judge Mary McAuley
Judge Anna Doherty
Judge Marie Lyons
Judge David G Sacks
Judge Sean Dunphy
Judge Prudence M.
Judge A. Geoffrion
    (now retired)
Judge Nancy Mary
    Gould (retiring)
Judge Edward Donnellly
Judge Peter DiGangi
Judge Lisa A. Roberts
Judge Michael Livingson
    (under investigation) 
Judge Smoot

Superior Court
Judge Judith Fabricant
Judge Wendie I.
Judge Alan vanGestel
    (now retired)
Judge Daniel A. Ford
Judge Robert Bohn
    (now decesed)
Judge Muse   
Appeals Court
Judge George Jacobs

Supreme Judicial
Judge Margaret Marshall
Judge Francis X. Spina
Judge Roderick Ireland


Retired Judges
Arline Rotman
Cortland Mathers
Elizabeth J. Dolan
Ronald D. Harper
Ernest S. Hayeck
Conrad J. Bletzer
John Irwin            

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What to Do When You Have 
or Are About to Get
a Biased Guardian ad Litem

 1.  Subpoena the curriculum vitae of the potential guardian ad litem/  If already appointed, still subpoena his or her CV.

2.  Subpoena the G.A.L. to deposition.  Allow at least one day and possibly two. 

3.  Do not agree to pay the potential G.A.L. or the excisting G.A.L. an hourly fee while he or she is being deposed.

4.  Demand a voir dire: they are likely not the expert they're cracked to be.  A voir dire is when you get a chance to put them on the stand and examine them to a fare-thee-well and demonstrate to the sitting judge that the person should not be appointed.

5.  Check the statute in your State and check the provisions in it for payment of fees and hours to be spent.

6.  Demand that the State pay, whether or not you can afford the guardian ad litem fees.

7.  Limit the number of hours the G.A.L. spends on the case. If appointed, the G.A.L. should not spend more than 20 hours.

8.  Limit the hourly fee.  Recommended $35-50 per hour, not $175 an hour.  If the State wants to pay ore, then that is the State's problem.

9.  If the G.A.L. has already been appointed by the time you read this, file a motion for reimbursement by the State IF IF IF your State's statute says that your State is to pay the G.A.L.'s fees.

10.  Appeal if and when necessary.

If you live in New Hampshire or Michigan, you have a good chance of getting a qualified person appointed as G.A.L. 

In a State like Massachusetts, you almost have no chance of getting an unbiased and properly trained person to serve as G.A.L.

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