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Beat-Dead Dads: Not Deadbeat Dads
 Nadine G. Mendelsohn-Ziskind
120 SW 120th Way
Davie, Fl  33325
  To:            RDEditorial RDW/US/ReadersDigest@ReadersDigest
Subject:  Pay-Up Time for Deadbeat Dads

Prior to your  publishing an article that perpetuates the myth of "deadbeat dads" perhaps it would have been smart to do a little research into what the causes are of this so called phenomena, "deadbeat dads".

First of all,  the term "deadbeat dads" is derogatory and a misnomer.  The term should be "beatdead dads". When a man can have up to sixty percent of his income taken by the child support collection agencies, what is there left for him to live on.  After the child support determination, it is frequently the man in the divorce who then is forced to pay the attorney fees for the ex-wife, 
guardian ad litem fees, counseling fees, and so on.   That could be one 
reason why most men today are going into the Family Court system as pro se, without an attorney.

Your article states that men frequently get awarded shared parenting or joint custody.  That is true.  What you have failed to bring up is that men are alienated from their children by the mother, and the courts refuse to force the ex-wife to adhere to the visitation and custody schedules.  Women are allowed to take their children and move away from the father, and the courts refuse to stop it. 

My husband has not seen his children in over 5 years, yet the court does nothing to enforce the visitation, nor change the court order for visitation since his ex-wife picked up and left for Lubbock, Texas with two days notice. Why is there no term for these mother that encourage and commit Parental Alienation Syndrome, such as "malevolent moms".  Is it because once a women becomes a mother she is automatically relegated to the status of madonna, no matter what else she has done?

The frequently cited statistics from the 1970's that state that a man's standard of living goes up after divorce, and a women's goes down is not true.  Karen DeCrow, former President of Now, has stated that the data used to come up with those statistics was skewed, and presented a false picture of what really happens to men and women in divorce.

The Florida Dept. of Revenue has statistics that state that over 70% of men pay their child support.  But when women are ordered to pay child support, less then 5% of those pay anything.  Dept. of Revenue in Florida does not enforce or prosecute these women.  Is this a clear cut case of gender bias?

Florida has created a Blue Ribbon panel to study and reform the child support guidelines, as they have been determined to be to harsh and onerous on the men ordered to pay.  The panels recommendations will be taking effect in the year 2001.

As a second wife, my children are suffering, while the ex sends her kids to a $6,000 a year summer Camp, Blue Star in North Carolina, so that she can go to France and Germany, as she does every summer.  She also managed to buy a brand new car, while we drive one 6 year old car that we both use to get to work.

You have also failed to address the issues of men paying for children that are not theirs.  In most states, if a child is born during marriage, then the mother's husband becomes the legal father, and at the time of divorce is forced to pay child support and other costs for a child that is not his, that was conceived during an adulterous affair, and in most cases, the cuckolded male providing child support finds out a few years after the divorce that this child who he is forced to support, but has had little or no contact with is not his biological child.

It might behoove your staff, and particularly the writers of this derogatory article to spend a few days as observers in the Family Court systems around the country to see what really is happening.  If you perform this one little act of finding out what is really taking place, you would have to retract the article on "deadbeat dads" and apologize to a whole gender and their second wives.

The way to solve this crisis in child support is:

1.    To create fair and equal guidelines as to how the income, assets and money is to be figured in making child support  determinations.

2.      To ensure that both parents have equal time with their children in the form of shared parenting or rotating custody, and having the courts enforce their order for such.

3.      To ensure that the man is not saddled with paying for children that are not his by having standardized DNA testing in any child support, custody, or divorce action, and to allow men who have been victims of paternity fraud to be relived of their child support obligations, and to get restitution for all moneys paid.

4.      To take the "business" out of Family Court, and change it from the adversarial process that exists today.  If Family Court did not create major financial gains for attorneys, judges, and all the surrounding items, divorce, parenting, and even child support would benefit.

In closing, if the Family Court System was truly interested in the child, and not just the financial aspects, we would create a system where Mommy and Daddy are civil to each other, were every child will have access to both their parents, and where the best interest of the children would come first.

Nadine G. Mendelsohn-Ziskind

If you would like any additional information, or case numbers of
post-divorce litigation in South Florida, please contact me at:
954-370-1444 or w2ngmz@bellsouth.net

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