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Have You Seen
Paul Fedynich's Children?
This page is included on this site as a public service.
Mr. Fedynich has alleged that the mother suffers from a bipolar disorder, and has been hospitalized for psychosis but has refused treatment or medication.  Although intelligent and persuasive and appearing healthy at first,  she "hears voices and does what they tell her to do."   After an investigation, Florida court awarded Paul Fedynich custody and Linda Fedynich fled with the children from Montreal.

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Have you seen my children?
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Name: Brianna Leigh Fedynich
Hgt: 3'6" (107cm)
Wgt: 35 (16kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 2/1/93
Name: Brandon Michael Fedynich
Hgt: 4' (122cm)
Wgt: 55 (25kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 8/4/89
Name: Heather Nicole Fedynich
Hgt: 5'6" (168cm)
Wgt: 105 (48kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 4/19/82

They were abducted by their mother on 4/16/98

Name:Linda Marie Fedynich
AKA: Linda Santerre
Hgt: 5'6"
Wgt: 115
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 4/8/59

Heather, Brandon and Brianna were abducted from their home, by their mother, Linda Marie Santere Fedynich on April 17,1998. They were first located at a women's shelter in Montreal when Heather contacted me through one of her friends. She desperately wanted to come home! After several months of investigations and court dates, the Seminole County Court of Florida and the Superior Court of Quebec have ordered the children to be returned to Florida and have given custody of the children to me.

Knowing she was to give up the children to The Youth Protection of Montreal on July 31,1998, she fled with the children again the night before. This time abandoning her car and disappearing without a trace. 

There are now warrants for her arrest in Canada and Florida. 

I worry everyday about the health and welfare of my children. Linda suffers from Bipolar Disorder and has been hospitalized for being Psychotic but refuses treatment or medication. She is very persuasive and intelligent and therefore will appear very normal at first. She hears voices and does what they tell her to do. She also believes that she can heal the children when they are sick. 

Linda has alienated the children from me by telling lies and making false accusations. Now my children fear me whereas I had a great relationship with them and saw them just the night before they left Orlando.

I love my children more than anything and would never do any of the things I've been accused of. I also will not stop my search for them until they are found. If there is anyone that has any information that may help in locating my children, will you please contact the appropriate authorities. 

Thank You! 

Paul Fedynich
Orlando, Fl. 

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of these children, please contact the Seminole County Sheriff's Office or the FDLE Missing Children Information Clearinghouse.

MCIC Case #: 98-12-005, 98-12-006, 98-12-007
Seminole Country Sheriff's Office: 407-977-6377

FDLE Missing Children Information Clearinghouse
1-888-FLMISSING (1-888-356-4774)

Montreal Police
Detective Michel Lambert

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