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    Grand Jury Attendance

    You might want to offer to the District Attorney
    a waiver of immunity
    in exchange for being allowed to testify at the grand jury.



[Insert name]
Foreman of Grand Jury
________  County
City, State Zip
     Re: In the matter of John Doe

Dear Sir/Madame:

With this letter, I request permission to appear before the Grand Jury and give testimony in my own behalf.

I would appreciate your advising me when I shall appear if this matter should be submitted to the Grand Jury.

Very truly yours,

Your name



COUNTY SS.                                                                     COURT
                                                                 DOCKET NO. ________

State of  ____
John Doe



I, John Doe, residing at _________________ and being a Citizen of the United States and of the Commonwealth/State of ______________ and being actually and/or prospectively a defendant in the criminal action above entitled, and wherein I am and/or may be charged with a crime and/crimes. do, pursuant to the provisions of the statutes to such cases pertaining,

HEREBY WAIVE ALL IMMUNITY AND PRIVILEGES conferred upon me by the Constitutions of the United States of America and of the Commonwealth/State of _______________ and by all statutes whatsoever and/or which I would otherwise obtain, from indictment, prosecution, trial, punishment, penalty, and forfeiture, for, by reason of, on account of and in any wise relating directly or indirectly to any transaction, matter, or thing whatsoever done and performed, and concerning which I may testify and/or produce evidence, documentary or in any form or otherwise, before the Grand Jury of the County of ___________ in the action and proceeding, before any Judge, Justice, Court, Grand Jury, individual body and tribunal whatsoever, lawfully authorized to conduct and/or conducting any inquiry, investigation, proceeding, action, and trial, relating to, concerning, touching upon, and involving my own acts and the acts of others.

AND I DO HEREBY FURTHER CONSENT to the use against me, of the testimony and other evidence so adduced, upon and in any criminal inquiry, investigation, proceeding, action, trial, and prosecution whatsoever and wheresoever the same may and shall be begun and conducted, whether within the County of _______ or elsewhere, and without regard to whether or not the same can, shall, and/or may be deemed and considered to be an inquiry, investigation, proceeding, action, and prosecution independent of and apart from that in which my foregoing waiver of immnunity is made, executed, acknowledged, and filed.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have subscribed and sealed and delivered for filing this waiver of John Doe on this _____ day of ____________, 20__.