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Physical examination of child

Check the cases in your state. 

If the child has not been brought for
an examination, you may have a fight on your hands.            

Laboratory tests for possibility of transmission of sexual disease

Investigation by administrative agency

          Investigation conducted by social worker: usually female

              Reads 51 report of abuse: form
              Interviews child
              Interviews one or both parents
              Phones mandatory reporter
              Possible contacts
                Medical doctor
                Rape counselor
                Supervisor of visitation (if started)
                Therapist for child
                Quasi-agencies providing site and supervisor for visitation
         Writes investigative 51B report: form
Investigation by divorce counsel of "innocent spouse"

         Phones everyone according to counsel's need
         Gets full cooperation
Investigation by accused's divorce counsel
    Interviews or deposes adversarial witnesses
             Deposes fresh complaint witness
             Deposes mandatory reporter (depending on who it is
        availability will behard-fought)
             Deposes police officer(s)
             Deposes mother (assumed innocent spouse)
             Deposes social workers:
                Supervisor of visitations
                Child's therapist
                Mother's therapist (more than likely not available
          despite statute to thecontrary)
                Author of oral or written 51A report
                Intake person (if necessary) of 51A report
                Author of 51B report
             Deposes other witnesses, if any, or statements of witnesses
             Deposes expert witnesses, if any
             Subpoenas keepers of medical records, hospital records, etc. and
        deposes keepers or medical personnel depending on facts of case
             Deposes doctor, if appropriate
             Subpoenas file, including process notes, of social workers
                        (workers must keep process notes if licensed)  

Investigation by divorce counsel of friendly witnesses

    Causes examination of accused
              Polygraph test
              Psychological--personality and sexual arousal--tests
    Conducts interviews
              Reputation witnesses -- in the community witnesses
              Reputation witnesses -- in the business community
              Other witnesses, if any, such as grandparents, friends
    Contact with guardian ad litem
    Contact with child's attorney, if any and if willing
Investigation by police
    Police tries to interview accused without counsel
    Police interviews child and custodial parent
      Depending on facts of case, police interviews other  potential witnesses, particularly social workers
Investigation by district attorney's office
    Reviews paperwork in case
    Instructs social workers dealing with child, custodial parent, and noncustodial
      parent (the accused)
    Interviews child, custodial parent, other prosecutorial witnesses, as well as all
      social workers whether or not they are going to be trial witnesses