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Forever Fascinating

        Jeopardy in the Courtroom

        by Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck

        Contents of Jeopardy in the Courtroom


          1.    Introduction
          2.    Children as Witnesses: Seven Case Descriptions
          3.    Assessing the Scope and Characteristics of Child Sexual Abuse
          4.    Defining Memory and Suggestibility
          5.    Legal and Behavioral Approaches to Children's Suggestibility: 1900-1985
          6.    The Recent Past: Changes in Legal and Behavioral Approaches
          7.    The Architecture of Interviews With Children
          8.    The Role of Interviewer Bias
          9.    The Effects of Repeated Questioning
        10.    Stereotype Induction: A Suggestive Interviewing Technique
        11.    Other Suggestive Interviewing Techniques
        12.    The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Using Anatomically Detailed Dolls
        13.    The Evidence for Delayed Recall of Childhood Sexual Abuse
        14.    The Role of Suggestion in Delayed Recall of Child Sexual Abuse
        15.    Age Differences in the Reliability of Reports
        16.    Mechanisms That May Account for Age Differences in Suggestibility
        17.    Ethical and Professional Issues
        18.    In Conclusion

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